Virtual Cards on Android Casinos — How Do They Work?

  • Jul 23, 2021

Many casinos like know how crucial an online presence can be. As such, they have heavily invested in simulation systems to bring as many physical casino games online as possible — card games included.

How is the Outcome Simulated?

Simulating card games isn't hard. A random number generator shuffles the cards. Another algorithm dishes them out to the player. The result is a deck and a hand similar to what you would receive from a human dealer.

Due to this, your chances of losing or winning a card game in an Android casino game are the same as those on brick and mortar casinos. However, you still are disadvantaged as you can't read your opponents.

Video Card Games Use Real Dealers

If you find playing against an algorithm a bit disconcerting, you could opt for video card games. Unlike simulated versions, video games stream a real dealer shuffling a deck and controlling a game in real-time.

Since you can see your opponents too, it's easier to modify your game to what you think other players have on their hands. Granted, this adds some humanity to the game — at a premium.

Is Playing Android Card Games Worth It?

While some refined gamblers will dismiss Android casino card games, they're still great fun and a good way to make fun. Unlike slots, you'll have a chance to use your experience or choose from a wider pool of games.

  • Your odds of winning vary depending on the game you choose
  • Card games are a good way to exercise your brain
  • They're a good way to practice

Even if you find the experience to be an agreeable substitute to real games, you'll still be at an advantage. You can easily catch on thousands of card games you didn't know existed when playing at an Android casino.

Which Versions of Online Card Games are Worth it?

Unless you are going for video card games, avoid player vs player games as much as possible. You'll be at a disadvantage since you can't read your opponents. Playing single games against the 'computer is better.

Such games let you focus on the rules and the basics. As such, you hone your skills better and faster. With time, you'll stop making mistakes and know how to anticipate a game regardless of who your opponent is.

Bankroll Management and Discipline is Still Crucial

While it's easier to control yourself on card games compared to slots, you're still at risk of blowing your money without the right strategy. You still have to remember to control your stakes and how much you play.

The bottom line is Android casino card games are still worth your time. They are a good way to spice up your online gaming culture and prevent you from spending all your time on slots.

Playing Virtual Cards in Android Casinos — Is it Any Different?